Organize the world’s parking information. Make it accessible and useful.

Slickest app in the industry. From Search to Pay.

Currently, three to five different apps are required to find where to park, know how much it costs, and be able to pay.

Cities' parking data is fragmented and unreadable. On-street and off-street offerings are decoupled and compartmentalized.

And users are lost and frustrated.

Macaron unifies the parking experience and integrates real-time on-street and off- street offerings on a single screen, including construction and traffic restrictions. Once parked, the driver pays for parking via Apple Pay, PayPal or credit card.

A revolution.

Watch our founder interview on French TV and understand what Macaron does in 5 minutes

Connecting cities to the future

Understand the curb through smart analytics. Reduce pollution and congestion. Get hold of parking violations.

Find out more about how Macaron has transformed mobility in Courbevoie and Beauvais.


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Curb digitization

Our proprietary algorithms run on satellite and street view imagery to map every single curb spaces and build exhaustive parking inventories (on and off street).
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We are hardware agnostic. We provide computer vision powered devices and/or work with legacy ones to determine real-time occupancy.
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Data is visualized on best-in class platforms:
  • An intuitive dashboard for parking operators
  • The slickest "Search to Pay" parking app on the market

Clients & strategic partners

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