Manage the Future of urban Mobility with better data

Macaron empowers cities around the world with the digital solutions they need to manage their parking spots and curbs.

Code, manage and monetize the curb

Macaron provides cities with a holistic view of their on-street and off-street parking data. Pulling together disparate datasets (third-party parking operators, city decrees, real-time data collected from multiple sensors…) Macaron puts them into standardized formats that are easy to visualize, analyze, and update for future needs. Cities now have the power to efficiently manage access to their parking spots and monetize them.

dashboard view
dashboard view

Curb mapping

Our proprietary technology for image recognition, allow us to map your parking spaces on- and off-street.

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Curb mapping
efficient curb

For a cleaner

60% of urban pollution is caused by drivers searching for a parking space. The average time spent cruising the streets to find a parking spot is 20mn.
30% of congestion in cities is due to parking search.

Macaron can help cities and drivers reduce emissions, improve efficiency, and shrink cruise time by utilizing real-time curb data

Unlocking safer streets
40% of drivers park illegally, occupying handicapped
parking spots and loading zones… squatting abusively parking spaces and reducing turnover

Thanks to its solution, Macaron provides the cities with real time, accurate and relevant data that helps operators track parking violations in real-time.

Partner & client testimonials

Nicolas Berthelot
Nicolas BerthelotHead of
"Macaron is the leader of on-street parking data in France and a key partner for the French Ministry of Transport. They built the first on-street parking data standard to express static and dynamic regulations, and develop policies that create more accessible, useful on-street parking spots"

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