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Building a Connected City

Helping towns big and small move more intelligently and efficiently.

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Get to know the curb better

Macaron replaces legacy parking infrastructure with wireless sensors (GDPR respectfull), computer vision, and granular analytics. We make it easy for retailers to monitor and manage parking space in real-time.

Our technology
Fully wireless hardware

Fully wireless hardware

Measure availability and compliance in real-time with our powerful and accurate computer vision pipeline.

Real-time data

Real-time data

We provide cellular cameras that work anywhere, operate 24/7, and take under 10 minutes to install

Full service subscription

Full service subscription

One subscription for the cameras, installation, maintenance, implementation, software, and support.

Trusted by leaders

Transparency and quality are the basis of our work

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Let's measure what's happening at your curbs

Connect with Macaron and start collecting real‑time data on your curb.
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